Contact lenses and care

Our store has license for the applying of contact lenses from an optic – optometrist graduate. In our store, you can have a free measurement of your eye’s curvature from an automated keratometer. With this, we can choose the right type of contact lenses and move on to its application. Step by step, we teach the customers how to put on and off their lenses, and how to maintain and look them after.

In our store you will find ready to deliver contact lenses of a monthly use like Aqualens Refresh, Aspheric 55  and Soflens Comfort.

Daily contact lenses: Aqualens Refresh Oneday  in a 5 piece packing.

For users that have astigmatism we suggest Frequency Toric), Purevision 2  for Astigmatism or whatever fits the client.

For contact lenses with color, we suggest the monthly Soflens Natural Colors, or the 3 month Adore.

Steps for the right care of contact lenses.


Applying and removing soft contact lenses

Applying and removing contact lenses is a simple process. It’s enough to follow these simple instructions:

  • Always wash your hands with a neutral PH soap and dry them with a fluff less towel, before touching your lenses.
  • Clean, wash off and disinfect your lenses every time you remove them.
  • Always start with the same lens, in order to avoid mixing the two lenses together.
  • Remember to handle both lenses with care.

Inserting the lens into your eye

  • You might want to wash off your lenses with a solution before using them.
  • Put one of the lenses on your writing hand’s index. Make sure that the lens has the right curvature (It should be curving up, not out).
  • Look straight ahead. Pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger of the same hand.
  • Pull the upper eyelid up with the index of the other hand and look up.
  • Place the lens softly to the lower white part of the eye.
  • Remove your index and let go of your eyelid.
  • Look down and close your eyes for a bit. The lens will find lock by itself.
  • Repeat the procedure for the other lens.
  • Remove the solution from the lens case and let it upside down to dry.

Lens removal

  • Keep your lower eyelid open with the middle finger of the hand that is going to remove the lens.
  • With the other hand, keep the upper eyelid open.
  • Gently press the lens between your index and your thumb and remove it gently.
  • Repeat the procedure for the other lens.
  • If the surface of the lens gets stuck, put a few solution drops on the lens and rub it gently until it becomes unstuck.
  • Every time you remove the lenses, rub them for 10 seconds in order to clean them properly.
  • Place the lens in the right spot in the case and make sure it is totally submerged in the solution.
  • Never sleep with your lenses on!!

This advice will surely help, but always follow your doctor’s advice as well.