Our Shop

EyeLike is an optics store in the heart of Loutraki, since 2014. We created a warm and welcoming place for our customers to feel like home. We are close to you, ready to solve your problems regarding your vision. We have the expertise and the equipment as well as products that combine progress and innovation, reliable representation and fashion.

Our vision is for EyeLike to be a point of reference in town, where everyone will be informed for new products, technology and fashion. Customers are the center of our interest. That’s why we are always next to them, to guide them, in order to make the best and most informed choice.

We are committed with values like honesty, consistency, responsibility, respect and understanding of ones needs, we are aiming in the guaranteed quality of our products and the direct service of our customers, not only for the time the customer is in our store, but always.


Mostly during the Summer, but in many cases even during the winter, days with sun, mountain visits for ski and other sports or expeditions, sunglasses are a must in our country, for the protection of our eyes from harmful solar rays. Continue reading “Sunglasses”


Choosing vision glasses is a complicated process, since we have to take into account parameters like the shape, color, and weight of the frame, plus the right lenses, since we want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, without losing in comfort and elegance. Continue reading “Eyewear”

Contact lenses and care

Our store has license for the applying of contact lenses from an optic – optometrist graduate. In our store, you can have a free measurement of your eye’s curvature from an automated keratometer. With this, we can choose the right type of contact lenses and move on to its application. Step by step, we teach the customers how to put on and off their lenses, and how to maintain and look them after. Continue reading “Contact lenses and care”