Mostly during the Summer, but in many cases even during the winter, days with sun, mountain visits for ski and other sports or expeditions, sunglasses are a must in our country, for the protection of our eyes from harmful solar rays.

The use of sunglasses is a must between all ages, considering it is scientifically proven that eye damage is additive seeing as solar rays deteriorate the skin at the eyelid area, and the interior of the eyes.

Doctors recommend big sunglasses that cover a big portion of the eye and the surrounding skin, without leaving long gaps. A recommendation that seems to keep up with today’s fashion.

Depending on the use, we have the right sunglasses and we are here to help you find it. Through a huge variety, we offer you the best worldwide brands, from the catwalk, right to our collection!

Sunglasses must have:

  • The CE indication.
  • Lenses quality that ensures maximum absorption from the ultraviolet sun rays.
  • The lenses’ category should be proportionate with our environment’s sunshine rates. In Greece, this category is 3, while 4 is advised in very bright days and high altitudes.
  • Allergy free construction materials for the frames.
  • Extra characteristics like coatings, etc.